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·          10-Ele-28-Ohm by DK7ZR
·         12-Ele.-28-Ohm by DK7ZR
·          144MHz-Longyagis  by DK7ZR
·          14-Ele.-28-Ohm by DK7ZR
·          17-Ele.-28-Ohm by DK7ZR
·          220 MHz J Pole Antenna -- From N6ZAV
·         2M/440 MHz Dual Band Copper J-Pole From N7QVC
·         9 dB, 70cm, Collinear Antenna From Coax -- Version I -- From N1HFX
·           9-Ele.-28-Ohm by DK7ZR
·         Antenna 47 GHz by DB6NT
·         Antenna for 24GHz by DB6NT
·         antenna.zip  UHF/SHF Antenna design
·          Antfo.zip  Yagi Design prg for 144 MHz and up - WA2TIF
·         Coaxial Collinear Antenna -- 432 MHz -- From Via N9ZIA
·         CTDXCC Spotlight Photos  Central Texas DX & Contest Club ... up at K5TR. From left to right, the towers are 35' of Rohn 45G (VHF/UHF antennas,) 60' of Rohn 25G (10M antennas,) and 70' of Rohn 25G (15M antennas.)
·          Discone Antenna Design -- From QRZ
·         DK0TUI/DL5MO: Hamradio Antennas Resources  Experiences and Homebrewed Antennas Hight of antenna...by AA3RL: How High should by Antenna be DJ9RB site DJ9RB on antennas and more DK7ZB offers RF and VHF/UHF antennas (yagi design).
·         EggBeater Antenna - VHF/UHF From Jerry, K5OE
·          EME Antennas -- Loaded With Big Antennas
·         EME, Earth-Moon-Communication.(W6/PA0ZN )  Moonbounce, EMEer's WEB Sites ... Earth-Moon-Earth Communication ( Moonbounce ) Here you find a collection of EME stations with their WEB pages.
·         Ferrite Loop Antenna -- for BC band -- From Oceanstate Electronics
·         HF- and VHF-Yagi-antennas - by DK7ZB
·          Home Brew dual band antenna A dual band design focused with better performance on UHF
·         J Pole design picture
·         J-pole antenna for 440 Mhz
·         KB4QLZ's On-Line Hamfest   HF Antennas High Frequency Antennas - Photos Of Equipment Can Be Posted 0 0 KB4QLZ VHF/UHF Antennas VHF/UHF Antennas - Photos Of Equipment Can Be Posted 2 2 2m base antenna (David Lee)
·         KI5DR  it was a really nice time. Sunday I spent most of the day building an antenna mount for my VHF/UHF antennas for the contest this weekend.
·         Microwave Antennas and Greg's Wireless Networking Info Page
·         N1RWY's FT100 site  allows for a mobile mount option and does include two antenna jacks for simultaneous HF and VHF - UHF antennas. The combination of the ATAS-100 and a good dual band 144 / 440 antenna works FB.
·         Outdoor Antennas for VHF-UHF DTV reception  ANTENNAS AND RECEPTION HEAVY METAL, PART I VHF-UHF Antennas Compared for Outdoor DTV Reception by Peter H. Putman, CTS Over the past ... some of the combo VHF-UHF antennas and high-band UHF DTV ...
·         PERFECT 10 TMOUNT Tennamount (Satellite)   Strong stable mounting system that supports both DBS & VHF/UHF antennas in one convenient location • Installs quickly & easily to the side of a building.
·         Portable Yagi for 144 MHz 7 element VHF Yagi. NEW - by EI9GQ
·         QRP-L 970507: RE: Frequency Relationships   Rosenfeld NF3I: "Pre-Dayton shack sale (QRP, VHF/UHF, antennas, etc.)" Previous message: ukii: "NorCal kit designers:Resistors ... shack sale (QRP, VHF/UHF, antennas, etc.)".
·         Quadrafilar Helix for 436 Mhz
·         ShortyForty Dipole -- From FlashWebHost
·         The Antenna Elmer By AC3L & N3LSS --  HF/VHF/UHF dipoles,  yagui, Vertical, Quads, 
·         The Simplest Collinear -- From Ross W1HBQ
·         T-match for VHF - UHF Antennas  by SV5BYR - T-MATCH Construction The T-Match with its balanced feed point is one method of feeding a Balanced Dipole. A suitable 4:1 balun is used in conjunction with the T-Match to perform this function.
·         VE3GK's Homebrew Site -- 7Element 20M Yagi 63ft Boom
·         VE3GK's Homebrew Site -- 80M Rotating 2 element Quad
·         VHF/UHF antennas of DF0WD
·         VHF-SHF antenna design
·         VHF-UFH projects antennas by W7GJ "BQH7A" 7 Element Yagi for 50 MHz - "Big Stealth" (B.S.) Yagi for 50 MHz - "Big Obvious" (B.O.) M-SQUARED MODEL #6M35WL for 50 MHz - Four Yagi EME Array for 50 MHz - 16 x 17 KLM LBX Yagis for 144 MHz -
·         Water Antennas 
·         Yagi antenna design prg for 144 mhz and up WA2TIF
·         ZS6EZ: Amateur Radio Home Page
·         VHF antenna yagui (beam) for 2 meters VU2MSY
·         Antenna_change_Over_.
·         Butterfly_Handi_Find..
·         Calcutta_VHF.jpg
·         Calcutta_VHF_02.jpg
·         VHF_Antennas_Constru..
·         Yagi_Beam_2m_VU3NSH.pdf

·                      n4zkf antenna dealers  Andrew Corporation - HELIAX® Coaxial Cables Antennas & More - Wayne KC7NMZ -- HF, Mobile, VHF/UHF Antennas Antennas West - Featuring G5RV All-Band Quick Kits Antennas Works Anntron Antennas.
·                      Radioware & Radio Bookstore - VHF/UHF Antenna Multiplexers
... even Pentaplexers are available from Austin Antenna for use with Austin's and other vendor's multiband VHF/UHF antennas.Port to Port isolation is > 50dB and Insertion loss is < 0.5 dB over their .  

·         VK2TIP's Book Shop UK  the very best personally recommended electronics reference and text books from Ian Purdie, VK2TIP ... Radio Society Of Great Britain VHF / UHF Antennas by Ian Poole G3YWX Book
·         AA6EE Ham CD Roms, callbook, QST views ARRL books  ARRL Books, CD-ROMs, Callbooks on CD-ROM Recommended and used by RADIODAN W7RF "This guy is FAST, RELIABLE, and has the best prices around."
·         To Discussion Boards  Discussion-98 HF Antennas Vol 1 Crossed-Field Antenna General Discussion-97/98 VHF/UHF Antennas Vol 2 Magnetic Vol 1 Mobile Antennas VHF/UHF Antennas Vol 1.
·          The ARRL Antenna Handbook Buy the Book Today
·          The Radio Amateur Antenna Handbook By William I. Orr Buy the Book Today!
·          Cubical Quad Antennas : How to Build and Adjust Quads -- by William I. Orr Buy the Book Today!
·          Beam Antenna Handbook by William I. Orr, Stuart D. Cowan (Contributor) Buy the Book Today!
·          Simple Low Cost Wire Antennae by Orr, William I. Orr Buy the Book Today!
·          Practical Antenna Handbook by Joseph J. Carr Buy the Book Today!
·          Antenna Toolkit by Joe Carr, Buy the Book Today!
·          Lew McCoy on Antennas Buy the Book Today!
·         Bookmarks  Amateur Ra Big wave Hf antennasVE3GK.com Calculate antenna length Cheap VHF-UHF Antennas Comet Antennas comtest antennas CUBEX Antennas Cubical Quad Design Cushcraft Alphabetical Listing $4 .
·         VHF_antennas Discussion
·         Engineering Help Formulae
·         Antenna Basics and Theory -- WOW -- See this One -- From Navy Training Series
·         Antenna Basics and Theory -- From Ian C. Purdie, VK2TIP
·         Antenna Basics and Theory -- Excellent Tutorial From Scott's Pages
·         Antenna Basics and Theory -- Excellent From Integrated Publishing
·         Antenna Basics and Theory -- From Sub-TV
·         Antenna Basics and Theory --  Excellent - From VK2DQ
·         Antenna Dimension Calculators -- From The Antenna Elmer - Click On Antenna Type
·         Antenna Dimensions Calculator-- Dipoles From AMANDX
·         Antenna Height? -- How High Should They Be? -- By Mike Banz, AA3RL
·         Antenna Tuners - How to use
·         Baluns -- IZ7ATH
·         Baluns and Choke Baluns -- From Ian C. Purdie, VK2TIP
·         Baluns - W8JI Antenna Articles  Toroid Balun Winding * Balun and Transformer Core Selection * Transmitting Baluns 
·         Choosing Wire For An Antenna
·         Feed-Lines & Impedance Matching - From "Your Remote S-Meter" Pages
·         Ground & Radial Systems -- From Butternut
·         Height Of Dipoles - Patterns By AA3RL
·         Loaded Antennas - From Tom W8JI
·         Noise -- Technical article about noise and receiving/ receiving antennas  From Tom W8JI
·         NVIS I- Near Vertical Incident Skywave Antennas -- By Patricia Gibbons - WA6UBE
·         NVIS II - Near Vertical Incident Skywave Antennas  Via WB5UDE
·         QuarterWave Antenna installation notes -- includes ground/raised radial info -- From Butternut
·         Radiation Resistance -- From Tom W8JI
·         Stacking Yagi Antennas -- From the ARRL
·         Tower Topics, Raising, Specs -- Several Links
·         Traps -- Excellent From Tom W8JI
·         Vertical Antennas - Dirty Little Secrets, Ground/Radial Systems - Click On Tech Notes
·         The Effects of VSWR on Transmitted Power --By James G. Lee, W6VAT

Frequently Asked Questions:
·         Yeniçag: TV Antenna Boosters  UHF amplifiers minimizes the cross modulation and interference. It is suitable for both combined and separate VHF - UHF antennas. VHF 50 dB - UHF 50 dB MG 952 Has a second UHF antenna input. VHF.